Easy Peasy Hosting specialises in transforming the server hosting industry. We understand that the average user doesn't understand the technical specifics involved with server hardware. Therefore we offer a simple easy peasy way to host your website, email or general other server requirements. You can rest assured that when you choose Easy Peasy Hosting, you are choosing a company who care!

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What we offer

Easy Peasy Hosting provide reliable web hosting with a trusted company.

When you purchase a web hosting package from Easy Peasy Hosting, you are buying space on one of our reliable servers. We offer great value packages, making Easy Peasy Hosting the easiest way to get your business online!!


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You are in control of the domain name for your business.

You are in control of both sides of the ‘dot!’ Choose a domain name that people will instantly recognise as your business, a name that they will remember easy. Choose a domain name that will make your business stand out form the rest!


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What is a domain name?

A domain is the name or address of a website or web page. Every website and web page will be given a domain name. If you are looking for a domain name, you need to purchase one through a domain registrar. The domain you purchase points to a IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP address is actually a series of ten numbers. The reason the numbers are given a domain name is that most people will find it difficult to remember a series of numbers. They much more likely to remember a domain name.